Feb 012011
wander woman

The dilemma of the modern woman has often been characterized as a struggle between the competing values of achievement and balance. In Wander Woman, Marcia Reynolds strikes a new path in this conversation that doesn’t settle for simply splitting the difference. Reynolds, a professional development coach, finds her clients have plenty of ambition—but seek “motion and meaning” as opposed to the stereotypical upward climb to the boardroom.

Reynolds began her investigation in a doctoral dissertation on the female “high achiever.” She quickly found that a woman’s search for meaning and achievement is a many-splendored thing that demands new terms and a new conversation. The author titles one part of the book “Wandering on Purpose,” and proposes wandering as a “strategy” instead of “a series of unplanned upheavals.”  In this book Reynolds shows you new and wise ways for women to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

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